Code of Conduct






The Marine Reptile Conference is open to all, including academics, amateurs and enthusiasts. The conference organisers are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment, where diversity in all its forms is celebrated and differences of opinion, scientific or otherwise, are respected.


By registering for the conference you are agreeing to adhere to the Code of Conduct, as set out here.



The conference organisers are committed to establishing a productive environment where ideas can be shared, and scientific theories and opinions discussed. Delegates are expected to treat each other, the organisers, and the facility staff with respect, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability, age, background, physical appearance, gender, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation. Attendees should conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the conference, both in person and via electronic communications. Demeaning, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated, in either personal or electronic interactions.


Social Media

The conference organisers encourage the use of social media to disseminate the contents of the conference to those unable to attend, and the default assumption is always that the content of talks and posters can be shared on social media. However, delegates must at all times respect the intellectual property of presenters, and refrain from photographing slides, or posting on social media, if the presenter has indicated they do not wish their research to be discussed publicly in this way.


As such, presenters must ensure they clearly mark any slide/s (or poster) with the below symbol, to indicate that they do not wish their work to be disseminated via social media. The Twitter symbol in the red circle (shown below) will be used to cover all forms of social media. This sign must be respected by all delegates, organisers and facility staff, without exception.


This symbol will be used to cover ALL forms of social media.






Presenters must have permission to use all content within their oral or poster presentations. It is the presenter’s responsibility to ensure they have such permissions.


Adverse Behaviour

Delegates who conduct themselves in any way that is deemed unprofessional, offensive, or harassing, either in person or via electronic interactions, will be asked to leave the conference by organisers.


Any attendee who feels they have witnessed, or been subjected to, an incident of behaviour that is in contradiction to the established behaviour guidelines set out above, is encouraged to get in touch with one of the organisers, or to use the conference email address [email protected]. Please note, the aforementioned email address can be accessed by all members of the organising committee, listed below. As such, you are welcome to contact any member of the organising committee individually, if you feel more comfortable doing so:


Nigel Larkin [email protected]
Emma Nicholls [email protected]
Mark Evans [email protected]
Dean Lomax [email protected]
Richard Forrest [email protected]


Any reports of this nature will be treated in the strictest confidence, and if appropriate, an investigation will be conducted by the organisers. Any attendee who is found to be in contempt of the aforementioned behavioural guidelines, may be banned from registering for future Marine Reptile Conferences.


If an incident occurs that is sufficiently grievous, criminal in nature, or results in an immediate or serious threat to public safety, the emergency services will be called.