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Marine Reptiles
Marine Reptiles Conference 2020
Host Institution:
The Etches Collection: Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, in Dorset
Venue Details:
The Etches Collection  holds a world class collection of Jurassic marine material, with numerous holotypes and newly discovered marine reptile species. It also has a comprehensive range of fossil material that represents the Jurassic marine ecosystem, with many showing evidence for predation.
Start Date:
5th May 2020
End Date:
7th May 2020
Field Trip:
There will be a field trip on the day after the conference to Kimmeridge Bay, led by Steve Etches
Conference Dinner:
Springfields Hotel
This is an area which relies heavily on tourism and there are many B&Bs, camp sites and hotels relatively close to Kimmeridge
Getting to and from the venue may be a little difficult as the only access is by a narrow road, and there is limited parking in Kimmeridge village. We plan to lay on a minibus between Kimmeridge and Wareham.
This meeting will consist of two days of oral platform presentations, discussions and posters plus an optional conference meal on the first day and an optional  field trip to the fossiliferous Kimmeridge Bay area on the third day.
Nigel Larkin
Emma Nicholls
Mark Evans
Cindy Howells
Dean Lomax
Richard Forrest